TEREX Windrow Turners

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TWT500 Windrow Turner
Windrow Turners
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Terex Windrow Turner

Terex's windrow turner is designed and manufactured for efficient and effective compost turning duties. This specialized equipment can be utilized for triangular, trapezoidal and tabular windrows. Machine owners can expect maximum performance to keep wear costs low and efficiency high throughout each project.

TWT500 - Provided with optimized features for economic efficiency and performance, the TWT500 is the ideal windrow turner for all operators who have to recycle great amounts of waste in confined spaces. This windrow turner provides the best possible control of the composting process, thus making for an economic operation.

The TWT500 is a powerful machine that mixes the compost material with a rotor at low speed up front and discharging it behind the machine as an aerated, bulked and well-mixed end product. Short turning times, gentle mixing of the bulking material, improved aeration and bulked redepositing in confined spaces result in short rotting times, thus saving money for machine owners.

To learn more about the TWT 500 windrow turner, click on the product page.