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Horizontal Grinders
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Terex Biomass Grinders

Terex horizontal grinders are designed and manufactured with a focus on flexibility, durability and sustainability. Whether you’re looking for a diesel-powered horizontal grinder that is tracked or wheeled, we manufacture equipment that never compromises quality. Terex handles all aspects of configuring, building, installing and supporting a complete materials processing system.

Horizontal Grinders Built For Any Industry

Terex’s mobile grinder lineup has delivered hours upon hours of continuous operation across countless applications. Companies primarily focusing on land clearing, bark mulch production, municipal solid waste and recycled construction and demolition (C&D) processing have regularly turned to our robust horizontal grinders. We produce both upswing and downswing grinding machines. Upswings are generally higher speed for cleaner material with premium throughput. Downswing are generally lower speed with the ability to process a more contaminated waste stream and have the flexibility to accept multiple rotor options.

Which Horizontal Grinder Is Right For You?

Are you searching for whole tree grinders? What about industrial waste grinders? Terex’s expanding product line has the versatility you’re looking for. If you’re unsure of which horizontal grinder best suits your business objectives, contact us.